Polo Dobkin

 As a beginner golfer I felt as though I was constantly struggling with the correct way to do things. After 1 lesson with Lucas I feel much more confident when I swing and have a very specific approach when I practice. Everything I learned was directly applicable, so much so that I was able to go out on the course the next day and play well. The lesson truly payed off. I plan on going back very soon and would strongly recommend anyone who wants to improve their game to do the same. 

Alan Grupp

 Last spring, I decided to take up golf after a respite of many years. Being the “Type A” person that I am, I identified a golf coach and had 15+ lessons with him. Despite this - - and my practicing and playing every weekend – I made little progress. I decided to give it one more try this year. So, I took a couple of more lessons with the same instructor, practiced, played – and the results were the same.

After one particularly “ugly” practice session at Luke’s newly renovated driving range, I was about to give up – until he approached me and asked if I was open to a few suggestions. He identified a few major flaws which gave me hope that, perhaps, I did have a chance to improve my game. He assured me that if I took lessons from him that he would guarantee an improvement in my game.

In that first brief encounter, I just knew that Luke was the right instructor for me based on his: 1) passion for the sport, 2) supreme confidence in his ability to help others improve, 3) patience to deal with people who are struggling, and 4) straight-forward approach.

In fact, after only a couple of lessons, I learned more about how to improve my game than I did with the 15+ lessons I took the previous year. In particular, Luke showed me how I could enhance my accuracy and power by: 1) changing my grip, 2) actually cutting BACK on my backswing to remain in greater control (“effortless power”), and, most importantly, 3) being in “balance” from start to finish. The resulting progress I have seen in my shots is very satisfying - - with disbelief at times that they came off of my swings!

While my performance on the course is still not where I want it to be, I now know that my goal of breaking 100 is within my grasp. As a result, I have a renewed passion and commitment to improving my game – with a growing confidence to match. This would never have happened without the terrific guidance and encouragement provided by Luke. Without ANY hesitation, I strongly recommend that anyone – at any level - - who is serious about improving his/her game should work with Luke. You will not be disappointed. 

Bob Jacobson

 I am an 84 year old golfer who has been playing for about 7 years Complete with frustration and insecurity about my insipid game, I contacted Lucas for lessons. I can confidentially and enthusiastically say that this man has changed my golfing world! Tiger and Phil don't have to worry, but my game has improved 100%. It's not just the information, but the way that he presents it that has made the difference. Lucas recognized that I am not going to handle my body like a 40 or 60 year old, but like the old timer that I am. He has made it possible for me to swing a club in a correct and sensible way....and well fitted for me. He has never spoken to me in a way that was over-bearing or was intended to create awe of him. He has been realistic, kind, patient, yet thorough and clear in his instruction. I heartily can recommend him to anyone! 

Laura Staerker

 Got my Hub golf lessons...he loves them and he has commented on how much Lucas has taught him. The downside .... I now have to watch the Golf Channel every night! AGHH!!! Well Lucas is teaching me too...there is hope! However, I think I need to buy more lessons. This place RULES!!!! Lucas is a great teacher. 

John Stickles

 I like your style of teaching and the encouragement you give. I feel very positive about what I have learned in just one lesson. Thank you again. 

Rich Maguire

 WOW! After the driving lesson, I played 9 to see how much I retained. I'm actually hitting my drive about 30 yards longer with a draw. Makes me feel young again. Wait till I get those young whippersnappers I play with on Saturday back on the course. Thanks, Lucas. 

Fred Stein

 I'm a newly retired Educational Psychologist. I went to Lucas for some instruction and was so impressed with his knowledge, patience, and demeanor. Lucas did not need to use 1000 words to provide me with important information. He did what an excellent teacher does, communicate the important fundamentals in a way that is easily understandable and has shown to be highly effective! 

Rich Maguire

 After the first 2 lessons with Lucas I find my game becoming more enjoyable again. Though I'm not scoring as well as I would like, YET, I feel much more confident that it's coming together from start to finish. Lucas is a terrific and patient teacher. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship. 

Bert Gonzalez

After I took your 1 hour lesson I saw immediate results on the course. I have dropped 5 strokes and I'm continuing to work on my balance.
Thank you,
Bert Gonzalez 

Raechel Gregory

 Thank you so much for such a great clinic tonight. We had a really good time. I learned a lot. When Lynn was putting, she turned to me and said, "I'm really gonna like this!" You have an inspiring way of making it simple to understand and you're positive energy is so appreciated!! You leave us wanting more and looking forward to the next lesson. I wish I'd had a teacher like you in school. Someone who makes me think I can play a sport well is special. I never thought I would love it this much. Thanks again! 


 I had the pleasure of taking lessons from Lucas during the summer of 2011 in Maine. He did an excellent job of explaining the mechanics of the golf swing. He is patient and made sure I understood what he was saying. I watched him work with younger children and admired his patience and technique working with them. He also worked with our local high school team. As well as teaching them about the golf swing, he made sure they understood that they were representing their school and community and should dress appropriately on the course and the practice range. He also taught them about the honesty expected in the game, proper etiquette, and sportsmanship. 


 I have taken golf lessons in the past, but the "pros" seemed more interested in showing off their own skills or talking to everyone else on the range. I was frustrated that my golf game would never progress beyond Beginner. Then I took a lesson with Lucas. He has a gift of telling you exactly what you need to hear in order for the lesson to click. His true talent at the sport coupled with focused patience allowed my golf game to blossom. I took several lessons over the summer and by the end was able to hold my own with people that had been playing for years. His consistent and clear teaching method works with all ages--my three-year old took a few lessons with Lucas and was sinking putts! My only regret is that he moved away and I don't think I will find anyone that good again! 

Jane and Alan Stone

 As a beginner to the game of golf, I learned some excellent fundamentals from Lucas Cohen's golf clinics and also took a private lesson. Lucas is a calm and patient, clear, straightforward teacher who understands individual learning styles. He listened to my questions and my goals for the session, and then went on to address them. Also during the clinics he helped my golf-playing husband with a few small issues that made a large improvement in his game. If Lucas Cohen is at a golf club near you, be sure to take his clinics and private lessons! 

Steve Feinberg

 If you are serious about golf find Lucas Cohen, make some time to let him show you how to transform you game, you’ll be glad you did. There are “naturals” in golfers and so there are, “naturals” in teachers and Lucas is one of them. He’s dedicated his career to the of teaching golf, and majored in it in college. Most of all he’s passionate about teaching. If your like me and serious about becoming a player, at the academy you’ll get the opportunity to play a round with the man and see how he, “walks the talk” in his own game and at the level he plays, it’s a joyous experience. I find Lucas’s message simple to understand, consistent, and easy to adapt. “Purposeful” practice of his lessons is up to me and you as Lucas stresses and encourages. What do we all want to achieve in golf? A consistent and repeatable stroke to become Ball Strikers. Tell me about it...I have been on that quest for over 25 years; through scores of teachers and lessons....at some of the best academies in the US. ‘Start to Finish Golf Academy’ has ended my search. Throw away the idea of getting better clubs, better fitting of your clubs or a new golf ball. Have the “Balls” to make the changes in your game, to go through the pain that change brings, and to come out the other side a Ball Striker. “Mensch” is a person that gets the job done while being considerate of who your working with: that’s Lucas. From the time I landed in Ft Lauderdale for my weekend at golf school Lucas’s every effort was to make me comfortable while he taught me how to play golf.
PS: May 1st Opening Day at our Club, 7th hole (Par 5) I sunk a 113 yards pitch shot for an eagle and net double eagle. Thanks Lucas ,the game’s fun now. 

David Casey

 Over the past few years Lucas provided invaluable personal instruction resulting in not only improving my handicap, but the understanding of the essential fundamentals of the game and an enhanced appreciation for the game. His style of instruction combines technical knowledge, practical application and an awareness of the ability of the student to comprehend and apply the lesson of the day. Lucas uses state-of-the –art technology enabling his students to “take home” the instruction, reviewing periodically to maintain an ongoing tutorial. And finally, but not least his sense of humor, the ability to interject light-hearted past experiences helps to keep his students in a positive frame of mind to fully absorb the instruction. 

Armando de la Cabada, M.D.

 I first met Lucas as many meet a golf pro, I suppose. I was practicing on the driving range, slicing the heck out of the ball as usual, and he approached me. "Oh no, another golf pro" I thought, being a veteran lesson taker (I'd had lessons with 2 other pros over the last 2 years prior to then). He introduced himself, and I thought "let's see if he is up to the challenge", so I said "if you get rid of my slice, I'll take some lessons." He immediately changed my grip to a strong grip, and presto, my slice was gone. Since then I've taken multiple lessons with Lucas. Gradually, he has changed and improved my technique, and that, along with plenty of practice, has resulted in a noticeable improvement in my game. He is an excellent communicator and very patient, even being available unscheduled, be it by email, phone, or in person, when some facet of my game has gone off track to help me fix it. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their game. 

Joel Monahan

 Lucas is a very thorough teacher who is committed to helping his students get the most out of their golf game. He has a genuine passion for instruction and is comfortable working with players of all ability levels. If you're looking for someone who will be personally invested in your development as a player, look no further. 

Aaron Dill

 I recommend Lucas Cohen for his talents in golf instruction and player interaction. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lucas for 8 years. We have worked together on many occasions and his passion and attention to detail make him an excellent addition to any program he becomes a part of. 

Donny Troy

 Lucas is an outstanding coach. He has a great understanding of the key fundamentals of the golf swing as well as very effective approaches to playing the game. I was lucky to have Lucas’s eyes and knowledge available while competing in tournaments around the North East during my freshmen and sophomore college years. One of Lucas’s greatest attributes as a coach is he realizes how important natural body mechanics and tempo are when helping students improve. What many coaches consider a flaw in my initial downswing transition; Lucas embraced it. Realizing that it was more to do with my body structure we worked on other aspects to make the entire package very effective. Consequently, I played some of my best golf under his watch. 


 Lucas is a great teacher, golfer and person! I took several lessons with him and he has improved every aspect of my game: Short game, full swing, bunker play, focus and game management. Communication is awesome as well as attitude. Lucas will also make sure you take the lesson home with you. Your session isn't complete when you leave the course as he sets up stations for you to use for future practice. I will definitely continue to work with Lucas in the future and most definitely recommend him to any person open for help. 

Vicky Keith

 Lucas is an incredible instructor. After each lesson you can visualize how you look when you are "doing it right". And if you forget what "right looks like", you can review the video that he sends you after each lesson - of YOU doing the lesson in the correct way. He makes you feel smart, not dumb . . . skilled, not clumbsy . . . positive about the game, not negative. He focuses on you as a learner - and isn't happy until you have learned the lesson you came for. I have taken lessons and clinics and coaching before, and never have run into someone who makes the game - and the practice of the game - so clear, deliberate and fun. 

Aaron Favara & Erin Williams

 My wife and I were looking to develop some golf skills (we're essentially novices) since moving down to South Florida, and we couldn't have been luckier than to find Lucas. We did a full day session and then a follow-up a month later. Lucas' approach was adaptable to our abilities and our interests. He fit quite a bit of learning into a short amount of time, and we started seeing results the very first day. You can tell Lucas has great passion for the sport and for teaching others, and it definitely rubs off. He provided great advice in the lessons and taught us to "practice with a purpose." I'm happy to report that with some practice my wife and I are both greatly improved and are well-armed to continue developing our skills in our new-found sport. Thanks Lucas! 

Stephen Baker

 Lucas Cohen has served as my golf instructor for the past two years. He has been an effective and innovative teacher whose insights have improved my swing in form and its consistency in repetition. 

Lee Sparaga

 This summer, over the course of about a month, I took 3 lessons with Lucas. We worked on ball striking, putting and chipping in 3 separate sessions. I left each with a newfound focus and determination to practice and work on the fundamentals that Lucas teaches. He communicates effortlessly, is extremely passionate about his craft and he quickly understands how the student needs to be taught; in my case, not with technical instruction but an easy to follow, common sense type approach. He focuses on a few key points that he hammers home, then follows up with a summary giving you the tools and simple direction you need to work on and succeed on your own. He tells it like it is and is committed to seeing you improve. I saw a drastic improvement in all facets of my game over a very short period of time and am now excited about the prospect of lowering even more strokes off my handicap. I recommend Lucas for any level; to completely overhaul and correct years of bad habits or to simply get yourself back on track. 

Michael Tenenbaum

 I have had a number of golf instructors and Lucas is by far the best. His mannerism is calming, his approach is understandable, and I have vastly improved driving the ball. I actually look forward to my lessons. I wish I had started with Lucas years ago! 

Paul Lafkowitz

 I started playing golf in my early 50's about 8 or 9 years ago and knew I was never going to be a low handicap player. I shortened my swing to keep the ball straight, however, I sacrificed distance and still the ball didn't always go straight. Lucas said to me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I told Lucas I didn't want to drastically change my swing and we started with putting, chipping, pitching, irons, woods and driver. Over the course of many lessons he made me understand in laymen's terms the nature of the golf swing and little by little he had me taking a full swing with a good finish. He made the game much more enjoyable. 

Lori Nitzberg

 Lucas, YOU DID IT!!! Thank you for all your helpful tips you gave me to fix my golf swing. I appreciate it. 

Dr. Clifford Botwin

 I have been playing recreational golf for about 20 years and basically my game was stagnant in spite of assorted lessons over the years. Last summer I had a series of lessons with Lucas Cohen and my game has become noticeably improved and more consistent. Lucas is easy to understand and very logical in his approach to instruction emphasizing fundamentals and reinforcement of technique. 


 I have taken golf lessons with several instructors over the years and have found that Lucas was by far the best. His concentration on technique and swing fundamentals significantly helped to improve my game. He has an easygoing teaching style which improved my confidence and made the lessons a pleasant experience. I look forward to taking more lessons with him in the future and am even contemplating taking a few lessons over the winter with him in Florida. 

Scott White

 I have been playing golf very casually for years before deciding this year to get more serious. At the very beginning of the season, I reached out to Lucas to schedule a lesson. From the first lesson in April when we worked on swing mechanics to the last lesson in October when we worked on specialty shots while playing on the course, I learned so much from Lucas. He has an ability to break concepts down to make them easy to understand. He has a passion for teaching and a real desire for his students to improve. He takes his teaching responsibility seriously, but comes across in a very easy-going approachable manner. I have improved a great deal over the course of one year of instruction with Lucas and look forward to working with him more in years to come. 

Robin Fand

 I have taken a series of lessons from Lucas Cohen this season and last. He is an excellent teacher combining simplistic instructions with explanations to reinforce the elements of my game that needed fine tuning. I have improved my technique and as a result enjoy a higher level of play. Thank you Lucas! 

Alben Portnoy

 Just wanted to thank you for the golf lessons. Your patience as well as your knowledge of the golf swing have been invaluable in both adding enjoyment to my game as well as improving it immeasurably. You were able to change my posture, my grip, my set up, and my understanding of the game. 

David Gorin

 Before I went to Lucas Cohen for instruction, I was slicing most of my drives. I lost a lot of distance and had obvious accuracy problems. My iron play was very inconsistent, fading balls to the right or pulling balls to the left without an understanding for why. But after several lessons with Lucas, that all changed. I learned that my biggest problem was not my natural golf swing, but rather my body/feet alignment and how I addressed the ball. Lucas taught me how to align my feet properly (to the left of the target), allowing my square club head to be aligned properly with the target (rather than to the right of it). Through this "set up for success" process - almost ritualistic in nature - I became far more accurate with my irons, even developing a slight draw on occasion. I step up to each tee box or approach shot with a level of confidence I've never had before. Gone are the common pre-swing questions that worried a golfer like me. Thanks to Lucas's help - I'm playing the game better and having more fun than ever before. 

Thomas Carlin

 I started playing again in April. I had to take 4 months off after major neck surgery. I shot my best score of a 76 on 7/24 and then a 77 the next day. I was playing Woodlands Country Club East and then West course. Your lessons really helped my game and you are a great instructor. Your short game lessons have proved invaluable. 

Dr. Gary White

 For me, golf was starting not to be fun anymore. I felt, with the years I have been playing and the amount of time I practice, I should have been better than I was. I was terribly inconsistent with my ball striking and decided to take a lesson with Lucas. First he asked me to hit a few balls to observe my swing. After one fat shot and two thin grounders he stopped me, corrected two fundamental mistakes I was making, and within a few minutes I proceeded to strike the ball consistently and attack the flag in the distance. Even my miss hits were hit well enough to be around the green and playable. I know I have more work to do but I am excited by my vast improvement during my first lesson and am very confident Lucas will continue to help me improve. 

Jeff Kowalczyk

 I have been playing golf for about 20 years now and I probably play about 5 times a year (if that much). I hit the ball far but my problem I have is sometimes my drives go about 150 yards to the right. I was always afraid to take a lesson. I did not want to spend the few times I did play being interrupted by me concentrating on what a pro told me to do. I finally decided to take a lesson and was fortunate to have Lucas. It was the best decision I could have made. Before we started Lucas asked me what my objective was. I told him I wanted to be able to play a round with friends or colleagues and not embarrass myself. After one hour he had me hitting the ball straight by adjusting my grip and posture. My next lesson we worked on my irons and I am starting to strike the ball like a golfer. Lucas is working with what I have rather than trying to get me to start from scratch. That’s important because after 20 years it’s not easy to do something a different way. I would recommend you try him for one lesson and I guarantee you won’t be upset and will come back for more. 

Joel H. Simkins

 Even though Lucas and I have been working together for a short time, I have already recognized a significant change in my swing and ball striking accuracy. After five years of lessons with another instructor and many ups and downs in my golf game, I finally looked for a change that would bring me more consistency and maximize my playing potential. Within our first lesson together, Lucas attacked the root cause of my troubles by altering my grip to an interlocking one from a "baseball grip". In addition, he focused me on improving my balance and posture at the swing finish. These simple adjustments were like an epiphany to me and have gotten me very excited about the 2010 golf season and my potential to shoot the lowest rounds of my life. Lucas accomplished this with positive reinforcement as well and I look forward to continuing to work with him as the season and my golf game continue to progress. 

Bobby Gander, PGA

 Hey, this guy Lucas is great. I'm a fellow PGA Professional and have known him for five years. His passion for teaching golf and life is out of this world. If you live near Lucas, make it a point to chat with him about how he can help your golf game. -Bob Gander, PGA 

Jashuo Davi

 Lucas made a sport that had previously been difficult and frustrating quite the opposite.........we played about 10 years ago in Hawaii when I was living there and he came to visit a mutual friend of ours.........I was a little intimidated when I heard we were playing with a so called 'professional', thinking my mediocre game would be negatively received.........I was self-conscious and almost backed out altogether!..........I’m glad I didn't, because not only did my game improve with a few simple tips, but I made a lifelong friend........it's rare you meet someone real and genuine, and a rarity that afternoon turned out to be........Lucas has an uncanny ability to read people.......and he models his approach to what he sees in each individual........he makes things that previously seem difficult, easy.........I’d recommend him to anyone interested in learning the game of golf or simply introduce him to anyone looking for a friend. 

David Esack

 Translator? Lucas Cohen; Golf Pro. His unique ability to create a comfortable environment while translating his knowledge, his capacity to simplify the difficult sequence of mechanics required to hit the ball straight consistently for a first timer and thus allow one's confidence to grow is a true testament to his genuine love of the game. I highly recommend Lucas Cohen for any beginner wanting to learn this game PROPERLY! 

Todd Blind

 How easy it was to learn from you... golf being one of the hardest and most frustrating sports, you made lessons easy for me!!! You are pretty patient, I know sometimes (or every time) I couldn't grasp what you were teaching me right away (short game/pitching technique) and you stayed with me until I got it. I have heard of other instructors getting angry when people don't pick up what they are teaching quickly...I’m ready for my next lesson! 

Chris Klien

 For a moment, let's set aside Lucas' obvious passion for the game, love for the sport and attention to detail, and focus on his ability. Lucas' approach to teaching and sharing his craft is a patient balance between assuring you attain tangible results while pushing you harder to achieve more with every lesson. His accolades speak volumes of his tenacity, however, they cannot convey what a learning experience one receives by working with a professional such as Lucas. I can tell you from experience and from taking lessons with Lucas myself, that whether you are shooting 60 on the front 9, or finishing under 70 by the end of 18; Lucas' experience and ability to guide you will hone your game to a level you yourself may have never imagined. 

Jeremy Chaiser - age13

 Lucas has taught Jeremy a great deal about the golf swing and proper technique. He has become a much better ball striker and his consistency has improved in just four lessons with Lucas. Jeremy has learned how to make adjustments and how to practice with a purpose. His scoring average has dropped along with these improvements. Lucas has a unique style and a passion for teaching the game that is passed on to his students. 

Peter Pogany

 I have been playing golf for a little over 10 years. During that time, I have attended several golf schools run by top 10 instructors. I have also taken many lessons from Club Pros and top 100 teachers. My handicap in now 21. Even though I thought I had a decent understanding of the golf swing, I could not figure out what I was doing wrong when I hit a poor shot. After spending two days with Lucas I definitely have a much better understanding of ball position, posture, alignment and grip. I know realize what to look for if the shot does not go as I had planned. Other teachers may point out your flaws, but none of them explained how to fix the problem like Lucas Cohen. I’m sure that one day Lucas will be recognized as a top 100 teacher. 

Preston Hardage

 I started taking lessons from Lucas Cohen in September 2008. My handicap at that time was between 25-30, with poor fundamentals due to never having any professional instructions. I was 61, in good shape, athletic but limited knowledge on all aspects of the game. Lucas started with the fundamentals from set up to follow through. After 2-3 months I was making much better contact with the ball due to his drills he taught me. Today, December 2009, I am carrying a 13 handicap. Lucas was a major factor in giving me the confidence and knowledge on the proper swing plane, compression of the ball, tempo and drills on the range. He is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and I owe my improvement and desire to become a better player to him. 

Dr. Turner

 Lucas Cohen has provided me the the knowledge to understand the intricacies of the golf swing. I had the opportunity to take lessons from Lucas this past summer. His patience, ability to diagnose problems and make adjustments, and treat each person individually are qualities that have allowed me to replicate my routine on a continual basis. He is an enthusiastic individual who makes the game a lot of fun and I look forward to working with him in the future. 

Wei-Li Chong

 In just one summer, Lucas was able to get an entire country club excited about their golf swing. For me specifically, it was the first time I was able to take lessons where I understood what an instructor was trying to have me do, and I saw almost immediate results from his teachings. Lucas has a gift for communication. He clearly understands all aspects of the golf game and can articulate thoughts and concepts in a simple way that anyone can understand. Best of all, I’ve been able to translate my ‘practice’ into on the course play. Because of that, I’ve never been more excited about game and the improvement I’m bound to continue seeing. I highly recommend Lucas to all skill levels and anyone that has an interest in improving their game. 

Kevin Baltazar

 Amazing, after years of poor playing and useless lessons, it was my great fortune to meet Lucas Cohen, a golf pro who can really teach the game and has a great attitude. All parts of my game have improved dramatically and for the first time I know what I'm doing wrong and can quickly correct any poor swings. The most enjoyable part of the lessons was playing 9 holes with Lucas. Just added more dimensions to my game. I highly recommend taking golf lessons from Lucas Cohen. You will not be disappointed. 

Josh Dvorin

 I’ve been playing golf since 1986. I was always a “nice” player and able to manage my way around the course with my self-made swing. However, in 2001, I lost my right leg above the knee to infection. I continued to play golf, but never with the same ability. Slowly, my swing evaporated. I blamed my leg and an inability to make a substantial weight shift to my right side. At the beginning of this season, it just got worse and I knew something needed to be done. That’s when I made the smartest move of my golfing life by deciding to take a series of lessons with Lucas Cohen. His attitude from the outset was one of unbridled enthusiasm. The first thing he said to me as I stepped on to the range was: “I am so excited to work with you. I’ve been watching you swing and I am sure I know how to make you a better golfer”. That got me really pumped! Fortunately, Lucas felt my set-up and grip were OK, so we initially went to work on my take-away and backswing. My hand position was all out of whack and I suffered from the dreaded flying right elbow. He wanted my swing to be MUCH much flatter. That first hour lesson went by in a flash. And, amazingly, we never discussed my leg at all. Over the course of the summer, Lucas was able to turn my swing into a repeatable event without all the herky jerky motions I had implemented over the last several years. He worked with me and my abilities rather than trying to squeeze my game into the same formula everyone else uses. I am now drawing the ball (in place of my former weak fade) and have gained at least 25 yards in distance off the tee and an extra club length with my irons. Greens at my club that I never dreamed of hitting, I am reaching in regulation. And, my handicap dropped from a 16 (trending up!) to a solid 12. Four strokes in just 3 months! I cannot wait to see how well we do next season! Lucas Cohen is an amazing teacher and champion of the game of golf. His love for the game comes through in every conversation we have, whether it is about my game in particular, our club or just chatting about the Tour. 

Gregg Anthony

 My ball striking and driving over last 2 weeks has been the best ever. The lesson on clubface position and taking my hands out of swing is exactly what the doctor ordered. I went to Bandon Dunes last weekend and shot 77,77, 79, 80,82, and 85 on some tough golf courses and shot 79 with Pete in a Pro Am. Thanks again for the great lesson and we will get crackin' on that putting soon. See you in Florida soon. 

Rick Nitzberg

 Last year I began taking lessons from Lucas Cohen. Typically about an 18 or 19 handicap I managed to get my handicap down to 16 and broke 80 for the first time. I owe a lot of it to Lucas' approach. He makes sure that you are structurally sound before beginning to tweak your swing. It took me a couple of lessons to see how much this approach makes sense. You cannot improve if your fundamentals are messed up. Once you learn these very basic fundamentals, it is much easier to make real progress. I was skeptical at first, but rapidly made great progress. Once he had built and reinforced the fundamentals, he made only minor and easy-to-introduce changes in my swing that did not overload my golf senses. All of this led to immediate results. The other major advantage of his methodology is that Lucas sends you e-mail reminders about follow-up lessons and about the parts of your swing that you need to address and remember. In truth, I am looking forward to him returning this spring so that I can attack the "80" barrier more frequently.